Introduction To John Lee And Ashley Print

Introduction To John Lee And Ashley Print

I had decided in my early teens to become a (Commercial Artist) creating images for advertising. I was fascinated at how a Commercial Artist produced a still life picture for an advert to advertise tobacco. That’s the job I want to do for the rest of my life.

At 17 I went off to Art School and did a general art & design course .Then moved to a Graphic Design course at Harrogate School of Art. This taught course me how to think in a creative manner and experiment with different mediums. The course gave me an insight into the history of Art, Design, Printing, Typography and the ability to explore different methods of achieving creative results. In my 20’s I joined Bowaters the paper makers. During this period I picked up a great deal of knowledge on paper and board, to this day I have books on the subject, its manufacture & uses. I have ever since been able to speak communicate on the subject and involving it in print methods for Digital printing, Letterpress, Foil Blocking, Blind Embossing, Blind Stamping, Lithography (litho), Thermography, Cutting and Creasing shapes and many more finishing processes.

A book which I would recommend as a good read and to actually acquire a hard copy to get the feel of it is paper and elegy by Ian Sansom published by Forth Estate and imprint of Harper Collins. 7426&ref_=sr_1_3&s=books&sr=1-3. Ian Sansom has a lot to say about paper its, use and disuses. It’s a well worth read as a hard copy, for anyone with a passion for paper.

From taking on a business with an Arts background in my mid 20’s. I found myself in running a Commercial printing company, an artisan craft type paper and cards for Hobbyists and Ephemeris. It seemed I was happy in doing my own bit for Paper Print & Design. Over the last 40 years I have picked up a lot of information on all sorts of items from Wood block type, and how that can be used in creative images on hand made papers. I can pride myself with the past 45 years picking hints and tips and experimenting with print and paper to producing many items in Wedding, Social & Events, Business Cards, Greeting cards & Business stationery. At my age you can ask me most things about, print, paper and its applications and I will pass on some (not all) of my expert advice and experience.

My passion for printed matter on a commercial basis for a whole variety of items and products will be dealt with in part over the coming months. So watch this space. Don’t forget as a friend of mine said ‘If we are not fighting we’re marching and if we are not marching we are fighting’.

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